The New Pheromone Additive, NPA is Lacroy’s flagship product, a worldwide icon!!

The best seduction pheromones ever made!! It is  an undefeated leader among pheromone products voted by many customers across forums in the world.

NPA comprises a minimum of 3 human pheromones, all of which have proven high activity.

The product consists of pure pheromones with no added fragrance. The designed Pheromones in NPA emit a musky, male smell which is actually not a smell at all but a naturally produced chemical, sensed by an VNO organ in the nose, which triggers an awakening of a sexual response between humans.

The 5ml Dropper bottle contains a minimum of 2.5mg of analytical active grade pheromones – new

The 15ml Dropper bottle contains a minimum of 7.5mg of analytical active grade pheromones. Discounted price, SAVE 25%

It is a high concentration product, designed to be applied on its own or combined with your favorite scent.


NPA should be mixed with your own perfume. The NPA bottle is equipped with a specialized dropper that allows you to pour the contents into your own perfume (5ml to a maximum of 30ml of perfume – or 15ml to 90ml cologne). The cologne will wake up the sense of smell of your target who will then actively start taking notice of the scent, allowing the pheromones to go to work.

Experienced users also apply NPA directly to skin or clothes. ATTENTION! In the case of direct use, do not use more than 2 drops. NPA is a highly concentrated product.

The 15ml NPA concentrated mix is supplied in glass with a dropper insert and its own attractively designed box.




5ml, 15ml

Pheromone Content

(2.5mg) 7.5mg of analytical active grade pheromones

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