Specialist in the Custom Manufacture of Pheromone Products

Many products labelled to contain pheromones by their manufacturer either have none, or very low levels of phenomenal activity. It is the purity of the compound used that affects the pheromone activity levels and the ultimate requirement for quality & reputable products is a scientifically developed balance between the purity and activity. Atlantic Phero has identified a range of pheromones that are known to display high pheromonal activity levels, and synthesizes them to pharmaceutical levels of purity to then be added into our products.

Our LaCroy range has been scientifically designed, offering our user the best combination of price and effect. Double concentrations means double price with marginal increases in effect and satisfaction.

How does it work?

Along with olfactory stimulants, Atlantic Phero developed pheromones that would stimulate the VNO Organ (Vomeronasal organ) which is a tiny, one centimeter-long organ, that is responsible in influencing human behavior. This organ sits within the mucous membrane that covers the septum – the cartilage that divides the nostrils. In many animals, the VNO serves as a receptor for sex pheromones.

Scientists have found that the VNO acts as the receptor for a sensory system that is separate from smelling. The VNO also connects directly with the hypothalamus, the brain's control center for basic drives like emotions, sex, fear as well as for body temperature and heart rate.

Comparatively, smell messages form the olfactory organ travels to a different part of the brain. Olfactory pheromones include products like Androstenone and Androsterone. Researchers have shown in clinical experiments that Androstenone triggers a subconscious sexual response in woman.

These pheromones are small volatile molecules, named after a Greek word meaning "to transfer excitement".

Detailed scientific research can be read here: www.feromony.pl


This is the most powerful pheromone substance, found in both males and females. It’s very effective at what it does, mainly associated and giving off a male dominating aura or alpha type aura. This pheromone helps the person get noticed more and gets the Edge over other males or competitors.


AndrosteRONE is often considered the gentleman like aura, and makes the user appear to be more masculine and/or dominant but without the aggression of androstenone. It creates an aura of safety and reliability normally associated with a more peaceful alpha male. When worn by women, androsterone has been reported to have mood elevating effects. This pheromone enhances or boosts the message of other pheromones we have in our mix, so is an important component.


This pheromone causes the aura of youth. This ‘communications pheromone” helps the user feel more attractive and is responsible for romantic, bonding and empathy feelings. It encourages a bonding effect between people, regardless of gender, and seems to evoke deep friendliness and comfort. It lends an impression that you have known a person a long time - even if you have only just met.


This pheromone has been reported to significantly affect the mood of heterosexual women and homosexual men, it does not alter behavior overtly,[2] although it may have more subtle effects on attention.. This is known as the ‘love pheromone” because of the nature of the feelings and reactions it induces in women, and because of its usefulness in more cozy relationship situations. Known to also improve mental clarity and visual capacity in women.


This powerful human pheromone packs quite a punch in terms of creating an uplifted, energetic mood. Estratetraenol , which is related to estrogen(the female sex hormone) creates an aura of ultra-femininity & feminine sensual appeal. It makes women in your company comfortable; men relaxed in a protective manner. This pheromone, although not present in men, is naturally produced by women.
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