Pheromone FAQ
Are your pheromones human or animal?
They are all human pheromones. Nowadays the pheromones you find in popular products use pheromones that are made in a laboratory. It is just as easy to make human pheromones as it is to make animal pheromones, so there is not much point in making the wrong ones. Long ago musk perfume used to come exclusively from the animal known as the musk ox. Nowadays we can make that in a lab too, so the animals are safe from slaughter. Some companies try to scare their customers by telling them about the use of animal pheromones, but it is just propaganda, so they are probably the ones you should worry about. No company uses animal pheromones anymore, but some companies use very little pheromones or even none at all, and there are also some bogus websites that never send out the products that you pay for. THAT is what you have to worry about, not animal pheromones.
Do pheromones have a smell? I thought they were “scentless.”
Anyone who owns a bottle of NPA can tell you that if you get a good nose full of Androstenone that it has a smell. It is a musky, male smell that some customers have even described as “BO”. Well, for better or worse, that is what pheromones smell like. The “scentless” claim just means that these two pheromones are very effective at levels undetectable with our normal smelling system. The magic mood-lift and attraction that users report comes as the result of the activation of a special set of organs in the nose, called the VNO (vomeronasal organs) not our normal sense of smell. So, the real pheromone effect happens subconsciously, and doesn’t require that others get that musky smell. It’s like the subliminal message on self-help tapes. The sound is there and you can hear it, but it slips in underneath other sounds on the tape. The pheromone smell is there, but you don’t really notice it, because of other smells. That is why I recommend using a good cologne with unscented pheromone products like Primal Instinct. It blends with the strong male smell and makes it a little more digestible (approachable). Also, if you are wearing a sexy cologne, it will wake up the sense of smell of your target, he/she will intentionally make an effort to get a good whiff of you, and then the pheromones go to work. The fragrance works as a carrier for the pheromones. Many pheromone products have colognes mixed in with them already, which is good, but makes it impossible to change fragrances from day to day.
If you can’t smell pheromones, how come people get asked: “What’s that fragrance you are wearing?”
As for the “Wow, what’s that fragrance you are wearing?” with pheromones, it is for real. It is the number one reaction that users report. Even if you are using an unscented pheromone and not wearing a cologne it will happen. What are they consciously smelling? Could be a lot of things, shampoo or conditioner fragrance, your deodorant, hand lotion, maybe a blend of them all. But why do they find that smell so interesting? Pheromones. You could do the same experiment with some music or a photo. Give someone a whiff of pheromones at the same time they hear some music or view a photo, and they will be more attracted to it. “Wow! Nice tune. What group is this?” or “Dude! Is this your girlfriend? What a babe!”
Can animals detect the smell of pheromones?
Animals have their own set of pheromones that rule their behaviour to a large extent. They may be able to recognize humans as such via human pheromones. I don’t know.
Do pheromones have any noticeable effect on children (i.e. making the parent more approachable by the child)?
Parents and children are linked very powerfully via special pheromones. I believe these are different from the pheromones that have been isolated by science for sexual attraction purposes.
I was looking through your research site, and I wonder if you could tell me what VNO stands for?
VNO stands for Vomeronasal Organs. They are 2 small sensory organs located in the nose that operate separately from the part of our nose that detect normal smells. The VNO is used by the body to detect pheromones only. Some say the VNO represents a 6th sense!
How can I make the most of my pheromones?
Remember that pheromones are tools. It takes a little practice to learn to work with them. Be helpful and friendly. Be the “good guy”. Pheromones give you an aura of power, but that can be scary for shy women if you look grumpy or like a “lone wolf”. Always look for opportunities to be helpful and supportive to women, and let them know that their advances are welcome.
You always say pheromones work better on people you don’t know. Why is that?
For better or worse, we are always trying to categorize everything we run into. It is the only way we can get through our day. Every time we meet someone new, we start analyzing them. We size them up and put them in a compartment they seem to fit in. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of dating. If we are looking for a mate, the radar is up and running when we are out in the world, and the folks we run into drop one by one into slots we think they fit into. Once someone gets you in one of these pigeon holes, it is hard to get out. It can be done, but it is not easy. If you have been in the same “file-folder” for the last 30 years, don’t expect to get out in 3 days.
Delivery FAQ
How long does it take to deliver your products?
We are delighted to have a NEW efficient and quick delivery system in place where you can track your package all the way. All products are in stock we ship the order within one business day from our European HUB. It will take approx. 6-8 working days to be delivered to you in Europe and 10-15 working days into USA (or similar). 
What is the delivery procedure?
  • Worldwide delivery is available.
  • Orders will be dispatched within 24 hours on work days.
  • You will be notified with a tracking number.
  • Allow 10-15 working days for delivery.
  • Your parcel will be delivered to you by Registered Mail provided by Polish Mail.
  • Our products are discretely packaged with no mention of pheromone products.
  • A standard fee of $8 (shipping/handling) per 2 items will be applicable, per order, anywhere in the world.
  • Fedex Courier option available , 2-3 Business Working Days – $24 (Only USA available)
Payment FAQ
I just placed an order at your website. How will the charge appear on my card?
Orders placed online will appear on your credit/debit card statement as: “Atlantic Phero.”
Is there a money back guarantee?
  • Yes, there is. Just give the product a good run for its money, and if you honestly don’t notice a difference, send the bottle back to the warehouse and we will return your money.
What payment methods are available?
  • LaCroy is an online store based in South Africa
    • Option 1: PAYPAL. Trusted payment portal worldwide! Easy to use but you need to have an account setup.
    • Option 2: Credit or Debit Card (We accept VISA, MasterCard and Amex). Being based in South Africa online payments need to be converted to South African Rands (ZAR) – this will be done automatically with real time exchange rate conversion.
    • Option 3: EFT (Bank Transfer) or Bank wire – please email for further information.
I would like to order something, but am afraid to let out my e-mail address.
We never send any junk mail or sell our addresses. Automated emails are sent when we have shipped your order. That e-mail will have a little info about some other products we offer, but that is all. We value our customers very much and we won’t do anything annoying (intentionally anyway 😉 ). We are getting LOTS of new and interesting products and hope you will come back! You may also want to sign up for a free disposable e-mail address ( for example). You can use these addresses more freely on the internet and change them if you start getting spammed by unscrupulous companies.